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The first Augmented Reality App that allows you, the user to view a location through scan-ability based technology. Find the venues that you’re looking for, collect amazing offers, receive gifts, whilst creating fantastic routes for you and your friends to enjoy.

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Whether you’re a Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Pub or Nightclub, working with Tipll gives you the opportunity to drive footfall, increase dwell time and enhance your customer’s experience through Augmented Reality and Realtime Analysis.

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Be seen through Tipll technology on high streets across the UK. Use Augmented Reality to introduce your Brand to an audience outside of the wholesale venue, and join us in creating a new level of customer engagement.

Venues CTA Mobile
Venues CTA Mobile

Uncover Secret Deals, Find the Best Venues, and Create Amazing Routes for you and your Friends.

“The next new app to sweep the globe”

“This new app will change the way you see your city”

“The Pokemon Go for the hospitality industry”

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